Okehampton Builders Dave Baskerville

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Looking for building works in the Okehampton area?

Extensions, alterations, loft conversions, roofing works, new build, minor works adaptations and alterations…....

Looking for a local builder?

Welcome to Okehampton Builders. Based in Crediton Road, Okehampton we complete works within our locality - sometimes going as far as Tavistock!

Joking aside in today’s climate we have decided to focus our business locally. The cost of fuel and travelling makes it difficult to offer our best prices when we have to travel too far from our base area. We think you will agree that a local company (that has a solid local reputation) is important. We want to employ local tradesmen to work with us and complete the whole project as efficiently and reliably as we can. This we find is easier when we are local to you.

We can show you our recently projects and have client recommendation - available at your request.

Design & Build

Where required we can seek all permissions and consents for you so that we can complete a true Design & Build Service.

On budget and within time. A good job - thanks Dave

Professional Building Services from a Local Builder